5 Instant Teeth Whitening Tips

A radiant smile is always an important factor in attracting attention and making a good impression on people. And of course, having straight, white teeth also plays a significant role in your dazzling smile. Nowadays, people pay more attention to the teeth whitening process, as they understand the saying: “Your teeth are your calling card”. However, instead of “seeking help” from dentists or having time-consuming and costly oral care methods, the following effective and cost-saving teeth whitening tips will also help you achieve the desired bright white teeth. 1. Use teeth whitening strips Nowadays, there are many at-home teeth whitening products available in pharmacies or convenience stores, and one of them can help make your teeth significantly whiter in a short amount of time. Teeth whitening strips are designed with a surface that has many ridges to “scrub off” stains on your teeth. To achieve the best results, dentists recommend using the whitening strips within 6 hours after

The only vegetable containing vitamin D, delicious and nutritious

Grilled Garlic Mushroom Ingredients – Shiitake mushrooms: 1 bunch – Garlic: 1 clove – Chili peppers: 2 (if you can’t handle spicy, use less chili peppers) – Cooking oil: enough – Soy sauce: 2 tablespoons – Salt: a little – Thyme powder: 1/2 teaspoon – Black pepper powder: a little – Oyster sauce: 1 tablespoon – Sugar: 1/2 tablespoon – Chopped green onions: a little Instructions – Trim the roots of the shiitake mushrooms, wash them thoroughly, and place them in a deep dish (heat-resistant dish). – Brush a little cooking oil on the surface of the mushrooms and place the mushroom dish in the center of a preheated oven at 180 degrees for 5 minutes. – Finely chop the garlic, heat oil in a pan, add the chopped garlic and stir fry until fragrant. Transfer the fried garlic to a bowl, add chopped chili peppers, 2 tablespoons of soy sauce, salt, thyme powder, black pepper powder, sugar, oyster sauce, and mix well. – Next, pour the garlic sauce onto the mushroom dish and gril

Top Tips for Spotting Fake Beef: Stay One Step Ahead with These Simple Tricks

Compared to pork, beef is twice as expensive, so many traders for profit use floating meat, especially pork or pig trotters, to fake beef. Eating fake beef not only causes economic damage but also poses health risks because fake beef is often contaminated with chemicals and harmful additives. Beef is nutritious and widely used in many families, especially for children, men, and pregnant women. Therefore, there is a higher risk of buying fake beef. On the market, fake beef is made from pork and pig trotters. They are mixed with chemical additives to create color together with pig secretions or frozen imported buffalo meat, which is cheap but can be transformed into fresh beef. How to differentiate fake beef, remember to look here Based on color and shape If it is real beef, it will have a reddish, fresh pink color. Fake beef, due to being mixed with additives and secretions, often has a darker color. When buying, you can press and squeeze the piece of beef, if you see red color st

Don’t Wash the Pork Right After Buying, Do This to Keep It Fresh for a Month

Step 1: When bringing home pork, avoid washing it immediately. Instead, divide the meat into small portions and only clean the portion you will use right away. The rest can be dried with a paper towel. The most important thing is not to wash the meat, as this can remove the layer of fat on the surface, leading to quick spoilage. Step 2: Use a knife to cut the meat into small pieces, preferably cutting the amount you need for each cooking session. Avoid putting all the meat in the freezer, because after thawing, if you need to cook and refreeze multiple times, it can create favorable conditions for bacterial growth and make the meat lose quality and spoil quickly. Step 3: Disinfect the pork by brushing a layer of white wine evenly on the surface of the meat. Don’t worry, the white wine won’t affect the meat, just a thin layer and after thawing and preparing, you can rinse the meat to completely remove the wine smell. Step 4: Brush a thin layer of cooking oil on the surface of the me

8 habits that keep you poor despite having a decent income

(TNO) Have you ever wondered where most of your hard-earned money goes, or why despite having a decent income, the balance in your bank account each month is not much? The 8 most common money-spending habits that make many people, despite their decent income, poor below can give you an answer, according to the website Life Hack. Having many habits that make you poor despite your decent income – Photo: Shutterstock 1. Spending more when income increases There’s nothing wrong with raising your own living standards when you can. However, if you’re someone who always spends more when your income increases, or even spends more money even when your salary doesn’t go up, you’ll find it difficult to save money. Always try to keep your expenses stable, even if your income goes up, is one of the ways to get rich from spending. 2. Focusing on the present, “neglecting” the future Usually, people tend to focus more on current needs and think they can meet future needs in the future

Should you eat or discard the fat on chicken belly?

In rural areas, chickens are typically fed with grains (corn, millet, rice…) so the meat is very firm, rich in fat and carotene, which creates the shiny yellow color of the chicken fat in the stomach. In general, only naturally raised chickens in gardens or mountains have fat deposits in their stomachs, artificially raised chickens in farms do not have them. This can be explained by two reasons: – The feed for farm chickens is generally high in protein, low in fat, mainly for rapid growth. – The growth cycle of farm chickens is very short, usually around 42 days, so it is difficult for them to accumulate fat in their stomachs. Should you eat chicken fat or discard it? Like pork fat, chicken fat is not only fragrant but also contains a lot of protein, fat and other nutrients. Chicken fat cannot be eaten directly, but must be refined into liquid fat before consumption. Cut the chicken fat into small pieces and put them in a pot, add minced purple onion and ginger, heat it to melt

Delicious and Nutritious Foods that can Turn Toxic if Prepared Incorrectly

1. Green Vegetables Green leafy vegetables such as spinach, lettuce, parsley, cabbage, kale, arugula, and beets can be contaminated by manure, dirty water, or dirty hands. To avoid illness, wash the produce and prevent cross-contamination by washing your hands and using a separate cutting board. These common foods have caused 363 outbreaks with 13,568 reported cases of illness since 1990. 2. Eggs This beloved food has been associated with 352 outbreaks since 1990, often due to Salmonella bacteria. The bacteria can be hidden inside the eggs, so cooking them properly is key (to kill the bacteria). Avoid eating any products with raw eggs, including cookie dough. 3. Tuna This type of fish can be contaminated with scombrotoxin, causing headache and flushing. If the fish is stored above 60 degrees after being caught, the fresh fish can release toxin, a deadly toxin that cannot be destroyed by cooking. 4. Oysters Before becoming an expensive delicacy, oysters usually hide at the bo